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Vehicle Maintenance Tip

Check your engine oil level often. Following the suggested oil change interval will improve cold-weather starting and provide better fuel economy and performance. Check your service information system or owner's manual for proper oil type and suggested oil-change interval.
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Inspection & Repair Industry: Downloadable Forms

Inspection Industry Forms

Inspector License Application Form
.pdf (24 KB)

Inspector Training Application Form
.doc (270 KB) or .pdf (33 KB)

My Vehicle Failed Inspection. What do I do now?
.doc (32 KB) or .pdf (4.9 MB)

If You Fail Brochure Icon. Click to download. Inspection stations are responsible for providing motorists whose vehicles fail an inspection with the Vehicle Inspection Report inserted into the My Vehicle Failed Inspection brochure. These brochures are provided by the Massachusetts Vehicle Check Program at no cost to inspection stations. Brochures may be ordered by calling the Technical Helpdesk (877-834-4677), which is available Monday through Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Each pack contains 100 brochures. Unless you request additional packs, each order will contain one pack of brochures.

Inspection Complaint Form
.pdf (60 KB)
Inspection stations may use this form to report inspection fraud or other inspection station activity that is in violation of the MassDOT Safety Inspection Regulations or MassDEP Emissions Inspection Regulations.

Registered Repair Industry Forms

Emissions Repair Data Form
.doc (32 KB) or .pdf (17 KB)

2015 OBD Diagnosis and Repair Training Application Form
.doc (260 KB) or .pdf (35 KB)

Winter 2015 Ongoing Training Application Form
.doc (255 KB) or .pdf (29 KB)

Spring 2015 Ongoing Training Application Form
.doc (254 KB) or .pdf (29 KB)

Summer 2015 Ongoing Training Application Form
.doc (261 KB) or .pdf (31 KB)

Fall 2015 Ongoing Training Application Form
.doc (254 KB) or .pdf (29 KB)

Repair Technician Application Form
.doc (264 KB) or .pdf (32 KB)

Repair Shop Application Form
.doc (273 KB) or .pdf (33 KB)

Industry Resources

List of Common Vehicle Plate Types
.pdf (44 KB)

Click here to download Massachusetts Vehicle Check Program Logos

Inspection Station Mailing and Billing Address Change Form
.doc (42 KB) or .pdf (14 KB)

Data Matrix Barcode Reprogramming Procedure for Honeywell Model 4600 Barcode Scanners
.doc (48 KB) or .pdf (32 KB)

Van/Truck and Trailer Commercial Safety Inspection Poster
.doc (540 KB) or .pdf (637 KB)