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Vehicle Maintenance Tip

Check your engine oil level often. Following the suggested oil change interval will improve cold-weather starting and provide better fuel economy and performance. Check your service information system or owner's manual for proper oil type and suggested oil-change interval.
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Repair Industry: Registered Emissions Repair Shops

Benefits of becoming a Registered Emissions Repair Shop
How to become a Registered Emissions Repair Shop

Benefits of becoming a Registered Emissions Repair Shop
If repairs of private passenger vehicles make up the bulk of your business, being a Registered Emissions Repair Shop can give you a competitive advantage. Becoming a Registered Emissions Repair Shop will bring you:

  • High Visibility. Massachusetts Vehicle Check strongly encourages motorists to patronize Registered Emissions Repair Shops. When a vehicle fails its emissions test, a list of nearby shops that employ Registered Emissions Repair Technicians is displayed on the Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR). Motorists can also search for Registered Repair Shops and Emissions Technicians.
  • Training. Registered Emissions Repair Technicians are offered specialized training related to new program requirements.
  • Exclusivity. Only repairs made by a Registered Emissions Repair Technician count toward an emissions waiver.
  • MAC Priority. Registered Emissions Repair Technicians receive priority access to Motorist Assistance Centers (MACs) across the state. MAC staff help Registered Emissions Repair Technicians diagnose vehicles that have problems passing emissions tests.
  • Marketing Possibilities. Registered Emissions Repair Shops may display special signs indicating their qualifications to perform emissions repairs and, as part of the registration process, create their own advertisement to accompany their listings on VIRs, including the types of vehicles they repair.

Repair shops specializing in commercial vehicles do not need to be registered, since waivers are not issued for those vehicles.

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How to become a Registered Emissions Repair Shop
In order to register, your shop must employ at least one Registered Emission Repair Technician, and you must file a Registration Application with Parsons. Download an application, and once it is complete, mail your application to:

Massachusetts Vehicle Check Program
55 Messina Drive, Unit C
Braintree, MA 02184

To learn more about becoming a Registered Emissions Repair Shop, contact Parsons:
1-877-834-4677 (1-877-VEH INSP)

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